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Scholarships & Grants

Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund (2015)
for “A herpetofaunal survey in Gunung Ciremai National Park, Java, Indonesia” by Roger Williams Park Zoo and Rhode Island Zoological Society, USA

Nagao Research Grant Program (2014)
for “An island wide survey of freshwater terrapins outsidethe protected areas, Sri Lanka” by Nagao Natural Environment Foundation, Japan.
Publication: Karunarathna S, AAT Amarasinghe, S Henkanaththegedara, T Surasinghe, M Madawala, D Gabadage & M Botejue (2017). Distribution, habitat associations and conservation implications of Sri Lankan freshwater terrapins outside the protected area network. Aquatic Conservation 27 (6): 1301-1312.

Full Scholorship & International Travel Grant (2011)
for Student Conferanceon Conservation Science (SCCS) by University of Cambridge and the Indian Institute of Science (IIS), India.

Full Scholarship & International Travel Grant (2010)
for Harvard Summer School (BIOSS-165) by Harvard University, USA.

Full Scholarship & International Travel Grant (2010)
for Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Development Field CoursebytheMinistry of Environment, government of Japan and the Association for Tropical Biology & conservation (ATBC)
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