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In conservation, awareness is the key! I have been spending my time to spread biodiversity education and conservation awareness to conserve species and their habitats. Because the changes of people’s attitude and actions can makes a significant difference to conservation. So far I have conducted over 500 awareness programs (lectures, workshops, trainings exhibitions, etc.) in Sri Lanka and Indonesia for school children, medical doctors and health sector, government and civil officials, police officers and military forces, wildlife officers and conservationists, and general public since year 2000. From year 2000 to 2008 most of these awareness programs were conducted as a member of the Young Zoologists' Association (YZA), Dehiwala Zoo, Sri Lanka. From 2008 to 2011 as the chairman of the Taprobanica Nature Conservation Society (TNCS), Sri Lanka. From 2011 to the date as the chairman of the Asian Herpetological Association (AHA), Tangerang, Indonesia.

During 2000 to 2011, the most highlighted conservation work I conducted is a series of awareness program for medical doctors in duty in rural hospitals of Sri Lanka (for over 100 hospitals) to identify venomous snakes easily. This training workshop series was designed to identify the snakes with simple and quick steps to save their time avoiding unnecessary monitoring on non-venomous snake bites and prioritise the venomous snake bites which are both common in rural areas. In addition, I provided my volunteer service to compile the National Red List 2007 as an Assistant Red List Compiler (2006-2007), and the National Red List 2012 as an expert herpetologist. Also currently I voluntarily participate in Regional and Global Red Listing Assessments of the IUCN as an expert herpetologist.

I have been spending my time for social services, and I was actively participated in social works with the the International Association of Leo Clubs.
- 2009-2010: Director, Leo Multiple District 306
- 2008-2009: Vice District President, Leo District 306C2
- 2007–2008: Club President, Homagama Central Leo Club

During 2006 to 2011, the most highlighted social work I conducted is help and provides facilities to convicted mothers to raise their babies—behind bars at the National Prison of Sri Lanka, and donate sawing machines for teaching prisoners practical work skills for a new chance in life. In addition, I conducted several social works to facilitate cancer patients, parentless children, homeless adults, and needy to overcome the difficulties of obtaining medical, parental, and homecare services.
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